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The Canadian Elocutionist by Anna Howard

The Canadian Elocutionist by ANNA K. HOWARD, LL.B.

Originally published in 1885.

Designed for the use of colleges, schools and for self instruction together with a copious selection, in prose and poetry, of pieces adapted for reading, recitation and practice.

The principal object the author had in view in the preparation of this work, was to place in convenient form for the use, both of teachers and others, the principles, rules, illustrations and exercises, that she has found most useful and practical for the purpose of instruction, and best calculated to make good readers, and easy, graceful and correct speakers.

The examples chosen to illustrate the rules have been taken with a due regard to their fitness to exemplify the principles involved, and to show the various styles of reading, declamation and oratory, and the selections have been made in such a manner as to adapt them for use in schools, colleges and for public reading.

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The Canadian Elocutionist


Anna K. Howard

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