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Stammering: Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue

Stammering: Its Cause and Cure by BENJAMIN NATHANIEL BOGUE

Originally published in 1929.

A Chronic Stammerer for Almost Twenty Years; Originator of the Bogue Unit Method of Restoring Perfect Speech; Founder of the Bogue Institute for Stammerers and Editor of the “Emancipator,” a magazine devoted to the Interests of Perfect Speech.


This publication is noteworthy mainly for its historical value. It does not reflect 21st Century understanding of how a qualified speech therapist (speech-language pathologist) who is accountable to a professional body would manage stammering. Qualified speech therapists who have undertaken the appropriate education will be cautious about any claims of a universal cure. In fact, it is not considered possible to cure a stammer (stutter), in the accepted medical sense of the word (BSA, 2006). It is noteworthy that the word ‘cure’ never appears in the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Clinical Guidelines (RCSLT, 2005). With respect to stammering the College notes that, “Some clients retain a life-long vulnerability to fluency disruption and so may require repeated episodes of care at different stages in their lives” (RCSLT, 2005:74).

If you, or anyone you know, require assistance for stammering, we strongly recommend that you consult a qualified speech therapist.

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Stammering: Its Cause and Cure


Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue

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