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Homework (Voice Pack 1)

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Clients should be encouraged to practice a little every day rather than, say, waiting until the end of the week and practicing for two hours. They should be reminded that the goal is for them to make these techniques a habit in everyday situations and, therefore, they need to be practiced for a few minutes every day. Of course, if they forget to practice one day, or they are unable to do so for extenuating circumstances…well, life goes on, doesn’t it? Just pick up where you left off and start at the next opportunity. It’s difficult to be prescriptive about just how frequently clients should practice exercises. They know their bodies better than anyone and so should get a feel eventually for just how much practice is required. A good general guide, however, is to recommend practice twice per day, for about 15 minutes on each occasion. The principle is ‘little and often’.

If I want to split a rock and I throw a tank of water on it, nothing happens. But if I drip a tank of water on it…little by little…eventually…it splits!

Goal setting

Clients should be encouraged to set goals in whatever way suits them best. You may wish to provide them with an example goals sheet proforma. [An example can be downloaded from Goal Setting Form Voice Difficulties]