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Further exercises

  1. Disaster hit us on that last evening. We were miles from home. A storm raged outside. How could we have been so stupid? How could we have forgotten to order pizzas?
  2. Winterton’s career as an artist began at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. His current work is grounded in an original antique process.
  3. What makes a person whole and complete? Is it style or manners? The vast numbers of designer clothes on the market suggest that manners now have a forceful rival.
  4. “Congratulations, Mr. Eden.” It was Delaney’s voice. “Your recuperation has been recorded in the archives!”  Eden was still in pain, but he still smiled.
  5. Thank you for the birthday money – I haven’t decided what to do with it yet but I was thinking of taking out a subscription to National Geographic.
  6. We had a French party on the night of the final. We decorated the front room with maps of France, postcards, pictures and flags. Everyone had to wear red or blue.
  7. We have now finished all our camping for the year. I don’t think the weather is going to get much better now. Mind you, there hasn’t been much summer sunshine, has there?
  8. My parents never had a collection as such so, for all that I read well, I derived no pleasure from it and only read books if forced to by my school teachers.
  9. You believe in happiness, progress and prosperity. So, talk only happiness, talk only progress, talk only prosperity. You have lots of energy. So, let your enthusiasm shine through.
  10. Simply put, drama is for the participant and theatre is for the observer. Both involve the performance of dialogue but for different purposes.
  11. They say that rules are for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools. I’m not sure what to think. It seems that this frivolity could lead to lawlessness.
  12. Is butter bad for you? Should we all be using margarine? What about food supplements, such as vitamins? Should we only drink bottled water and eat less fat?
  13. Stephen wasn’t at the labs for much longer after that – although he never damaged the car park or its contents again. He left the day he lost his own trousers!
  14. Without a strong and enduring melody there can be no great music. All the important composers of the past knew this and, to their credit, they knew it well.
  15. Could I be a soprano? I don’t ever think so. I just wasn’t made that way. I don’t have the necessary apparatus. Oh, and I am also tone deaf!
  16. Astronauts undertake space flights for the United States of America. Cosmonauts are the counterpart crew members who carry out space missions for Russia.
  17. Keen bakers will love Delia Smith’s traditional treats. Her guide to baking is crammed full of time-honored teatime treats, and child-friendly bakes of many descriptions.
  18. George Best was a soccer legend with Manchester United. He was a uniquely gifted player whose skills gave pleasure to countless supporters around the world.

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