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So much detail! This website has many detailed articles about: communication language speech voice stuttering …and much more… including play, psychology, grammar and anatomy, conditions, history…and much more! However, not everyone wants to read lengthy, academic pieces of writing. Just the bare facts, please! If you just want the bare facts, this is the place to begin. And each article includes […]

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There are several ways of defining words: as they appear in writing, in dictionaries or in grammar. Typically three word groups are recognised: lexical words, function words and inserts. This article defines each group.

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Body Language

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This article discusses body language in communication. Body language augments and enhances our verbal communication. The various eye movements, body postures and facial expressions that we use expand our capacity to express meaning. Body language is a good example of non-verbal communication.

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Human communication is an intentional act performed by a human agent for the purpose of causing some effect in an attentive human recipient. Our ability to use language to build words, combine these into meaningful sequences and then articulate them through speech that makes us the most powerful communicators on the planet. This article considers the prerequisite skills for developing communication and the necessity of intention in the process of communication.

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