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Word Structure

word structure

Word structure in English We have seen elsewhere (see Phonological Organization) that the sound system is organized at least at three levels:  phonemic syllabic word Monosyllabic words As is apparent, the simplest words consist of just one syllable, i.e. they are monosyllabic. We have noted (see Syllables and Clusters) how some words are constructed from just one nuclear vowel, […]

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Historical Documents

historical documents

A bit of history If you’re fascinated with the history of ideas in relation to linguistics, you’ll be interested in these free, newly-designed, ebooks of original documents published from the 1880s onwards. Please note: these publications are mostly antiquated curiosities, noteworthy mainly for their historical value and not as scientific references to be consulted for […]

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The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song by Mott

The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song

The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song by F.W. MOTT Originally published in 1910 The contents of this book formed the subject of three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution by F.W. Mott entitled On the Mechanism of the Human Voice and three London University lectures at King’s College on The Brain in relation to Speech and […]

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Stammering: Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue

Stammering - its cause and cure

Stammering: Its Cause and Cure by BENJAMIN NATHANIEL BOGUE Originally published in 1929. A Chronic Stammerer for Almost Twenty Years; Originator of the Bogue Unit Method of Restoring Perfect Speech; Founder of the Bogue Institute for Stammerers and Editor of the “Emancipator,” a magazine devoted to the Interests of Perfect Speech. Warning This publication is noteworthy mainly for its historical […]

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On the Evolution of Language by John Wesley Powell

On the Evolution of Language

On the Evolution of Language by JOHN WESLEY POWELL As Exhibited In The Specialization of the Grammatic Processes, the Differentiation of the Parts of Speech, and the Integration of the Sentence; From a Study of Indian Languages Originally published in 1881 by Smithsonian Institution – Bureau of Ethnology, Washington, USA.  [Photograph courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey] John […]

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