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Specialization within Language Areas (brain scanning)

specialization within language areas of the brain header

Brain scanning has been used to demonstrate specialization within language areas in the brain – notably in Broca’s area. Brain scanning of normal brains appears to support the findings of studies of language processing in people with aphasia.

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Communicative Competence

communicative competence header

Competence It has been suggested that our ‘linguistic competence’ (Chomsky, 1965) consists simply of the ability to construct ‘well-formed sentences’. The sociolinguist Del Hymes (1979) considered this notion to be far too narrow, and proposed the term ‘communicative competence’ to account for speakers’ ability to use language appropriately. Communicative competence lets us know when to […]

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Communication Theory

communication theory header

Communication theory seeks to explain the production of information, how this is transmitted, the methods used to deliver it, and how meaning is thereby created and shared. Theories are collections of logical assumptions and rules which predict how a phenomenon will behave. Models are conceptual frameworks that describe the application of a theory to particular cases. These differences are highlighted with reference to Information Theory. Communication theory can be subdivided into: intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational and public. An example of each of these subdivisions is provided.

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Simple Descriptions of Communication Difficulties

simple descriptions of communication difficulties header

My gift to you! So, you want to be able to quickly describe a person’s communication difficulty and to do this in a way that is readily understood by others? Well, in order to help you, here’s a little gift: A coat hanger? Yes…it’s a metaphor for having something to hang your ideas on! We’ll […]

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Extended Communication Chain

the communication chain extended model header

Extended model Here we present an extended diagram of The Communication Chain that is introduced in the article entitled Communication Model.

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