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phon101 Structural Simplifications

Structural alterations Structural simplifications involve some  alteration to the structure of a particular word. Specifically, it is the structure of the syllables that make up the word that is affected. Structural simplifications are, therefore, sometimes known as syllable structure processes. There are five main structural simplifications: reduplication deletion cluster reduction metathesis epenthesis NEXT>> Reduplication      

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Child Phonological Simplifying Processes

1A Child Phonological Simplifying Processes

Simplifying processes in child language Phonological simplifying processes, as we will describe them in PHONOLOGY 101, are not generally a feature of adult language but they do occur in typically developing child speech. As we have seen, the processes constitute a set of rules or procedures for simplifying speech. Several have been identified, together with the age ranges at which […]

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CONTENTS (Phonology 101)

2A Contents

Contents OVERVIEW Scope and Terminology Underpinning Knowledge Preparatory Work Child Phonological Simplifying Processes STRUCTURAL SIMPLIFICATIONS Reduplication Deletion Consonant deletion Weak syllable deletion Cluster Reduction /s/ + C → C C + /wrl/ → C Metathesis Switching Transposition Epenthesis SYSTEMIC SIMPLIFICATIONS Substitution Fronting velar fronting post-alveolar fronting Backing Stopping Denasalization Frication Gliding Labialization Assimilation Vowel harmony Consonant harmony velar harmony labial harmony […]

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phon101 Phonology 101

Overview Phonology Phonology is the study of the rule system that governs how particular speech sounds are used to produce meaningful words. It investigates the systematic organization of sounds in a particular language. It describes the basic units of speech in any language and examines how speech sounds change when they are combined. In particular, it is concerned with […]

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Stressed and Unstressed Syllables

stressed and unstressed syllables

Primary and secondary stress We have noted elsewhere (see Syllabic Consonants) that some syllables in polysyllabic words may be given more emphasis than others, i.e. they are stressed. This extra prominence is achieved predominantly, although not exclusively, by the speaker raising the pitch of the sounds that constitute the syllable. All English words have one syllable that receives primary […]

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