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Speech development, speech disorders, phonetics, phonology, articulation, speech perception...and much more!

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Language development, acquisition, verbal language, syntax, morphology, pragmatics...and more!

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The communication chain, conversation, body language, communication disorders...etc...etc

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Stuttering Problems

There are many stuttering problems for people who stutter. People with an established stutter are aware of the negative effect of repetitions, prolongations, hesitations and blocks on their speech. Their stutter (stammer) may be accompanied by facial tics and uncontrolled body movements. Stuttering can lead to the avoidance of certain activities and to social isolation.

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Phonetics is the study of speech sounds. It investigates the physical properties of speech sounds, how they are produced by…

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Speech is the primary transmission system of language. It is divided into two subcategories: phonetics and phonology. Phonetics studies the…

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Aphasia is caused by localized brain damage, for example due to a stroke or an automobile accident. General intellectual functioning…

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Humans possess a general language capacity that allows them to speak particular world languages. Language is highly complex but can…

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There are several ways of defining words: as they appear in writing, in dictionaries or in grammar. Typically three word…

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Body Language

This article discusses body language in communication. Body language augments and enhances our verbal communication. The various eye movements, body…

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Human communication is an intentional act performed by a human agent for the purpose of causing some effect in an…

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