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Speech development, speech disorders, phonetics, phonology, articulation, speech perception...and much more!

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Language development, acquisition, verbal language, syntax, morphology, pragmatics...and more!

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The communication chain, conversation, body language, communication disorders...etc...etc

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Stuttering Problems

There are many stuttering problems for people who stutter. People with an established stutter are aware of the negative effect of repetitions, prolongations, hesitations and blocks on their speech. Their stutter (stammer) may be accompanied by facial tics and uncontrolled body movements. Stuttering can lead to the avoidance of certain activities and to social isolation.

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Lexical Density

Lexical density is a useful measure of the difference between texts (for example, between a person’s written language and their…

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The Language Instinct

Noam Chomsky argues that language is innate. Indeed, language acquisition appears to be a genetically initiated and genetically guided process.

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Language Development

Linguistic ability is the ability to manipulate symbols, specifically the arbitrary symbols that we call words, in order to create…

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Language Delay

Typically-developing children follow a chronological sequence of maturation: their development advancing developmental milestones. Language delay is the failure to develop…

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Language Acquisition

One of the most interesting questions is, ‘How do humans acquire language skills?’ As with attempts to define language, there…

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