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Laryngoscopic Examination

laryngoscopic examination header

Examination of the larynx (laryngoscopic examination) and vocal tract is essential for anyone presenting with a persistent voice disorder, in order to rule out or identify any laryngeal pathology. There are four main methods: mirror laryngoscopy, rigid endoscopy, flexible nasendoscopy and direct laryngoscopy. A stroboscope is frequently used to improve views of the vibrating vocal folds (vocal cords). Children generally tolerate these procedures.

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Effective Voice Production

effective voice production header

Three concerns Effective voice production involves at least three things: an appropriate breathing technique to provide the air support required to produce speech (diaphragmatic breathing) easy onset of the vibration of the vocal folds when speaking projecting the voice effortlessly without any strain or pushing The following provides some ideas that you can try on […]

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Speech Difficulty in Children (in plain English)

speech difficulty in children in plain english header

What is a speech difficulty? Speech is the sounds we make to build the words we use in talking. These are the vowels and consonants we use. A child might have a speech difficulty if: they have difficulty physically making speech sounds they can make speech sounds but they do not use them properly in […]

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Human Communication 101 is a series of introductory texts providing high quality information on selected aspects of human communication, with particular emphasis on speech, language and communication needs.

The Causes of Stuttering

The causes of stuttering are unknown but neurological development, parental reaction, trauma and a predisposition to stuttering have all been suggested.