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Instructions Take in an easy, relaxed breath through your mouth while yawning gently. [This is an easy, relaxed yawn – the sort you might do if you were listening to someone and you started to yawn but didn’t want the other person to see you were yawning. Gentle…

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Prolonged Speech Technique

Overview To begin with, this technique will sound very artificial. You will need to begin speaking extremely slowly, at around 40 syllables per minute. You will gradually quicken this over the weeks, aiming for the speed of most speakers who are fluent, which is typically between 120-150 syllables…

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140 spm

Text 1 Text 2 Further exercises It was just about a month after that when he brought the old man up to London with him. They had some stuff to put out at Smith’s Dock, on the other side of the river, before they came to…

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