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Type-Token Ratio

The type-token ratio (TTR) is a measure of vocabulary variation within a written text or a person’s speech. The type-token ratios of two real world examples are calculated and interpreted. The type-token ratio is shown to be a helpful measure of lexical variety within a text. It can be used to monitor changes in children and adults with vocabulary difficulties.

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Vocabulary is the collection of words a person or group knows and uses. Different words are used in different modes of communication, such as speaking or writing. Slang, jargon and cant are used for different social functions. The concept of a word family is used to help calculate the size of a person’s vocabulary.

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Word Structure

Word structure in English We have seen elsewhere (see Phonological Organization) that the sound system is organized at least at three levels:  phonemic syllabic word Monosyllabic words As is apparent, the simplest words consist of just one syllable, i.e. they are monosyllabic. We have noted…

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