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Conversation represents the archetypal language use through which people participate in social interactions. This article sets out the major characteristics of conversations. They are highly coordinated, collaborative events. They generally have no more than one person speaking at a time and they proceed without a predetermined cognitive map. They are constructed on a turn-by-turn basis.

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Entropy and Redundancy in Human Communication

Transmission models of communication stress the need to achieve an appropriate balance between messages with highly unpredictable information (entropy) and highly predictable information (redundancy). In this way, communication between speakers and hearers is improved.

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Good Communication Skills

There is no universal answer to the question, “How can I improve my communication skills?” It depends on your reason for communicating. Speech therapists attempt to prevent or alleviate communication problems (communication difficulties) in persons with language, speech, fluency or voice difficulties. But they also have suggestions for good communication skills for adults when speaking with children. This article provides 12 simple strategies for effective verbal communication when speaking with young children.

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