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120 spm

prolonged speech pack 120 spm

Text 1 Text 2 Further exercises Since its widespread introduction into schools, Adult Training Centers and hospitals, a number of misconceptions have arisen regarding manual signing from many specialized and laypersons alike. From my own experience of working with both adults and children with learning disabilities, by far the most worrying misconception is the notion […]

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prolonged speech pack syllables

What is a syllable? A syllable is a unit of a word that contains a vowel sound, and which gives words their characteristic beat when spoken. So, for example, photo has two syllables (pho – to), photograph has three syllables (pho – to – graph), and photography has four syllables (pho – to – graph […]

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40 spm

prolonged speech pack 40 spm

Text 1 Text 2 Further exercises Disaster hit us on that last evening. We were miles from home. A storm raged outside. How could we have been so stupid? How could we have forgotten to order pizzas? Winterton’s career as an artist began at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. His current work is grounded […]

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60 spm

prolonged speech pack 60 spm

Text 1 Text 2 Further exercises You expect a lot from us. And rightly so. After all, when you’re handing over your hard-won cash, you expect the services of a company dedicated to your success. That’s why we engineer our packages to your specific needs. One day, about ten months ago, when I was a […]

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80 spm

prolonged speech pack 80 spm

Text 1 Text 2 Further exercises The power of Dukes, Earls and Bishops to sit at the apex of society is a thing of the past. The legitimate right of the wealthy middle classes to rule the less fortunate is gone. The lower classes have asserted themselves. The former class divisions marked out by the […]

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100 spm

prolonged speech pack 100 spm

Text 1 Text 2 Further exercises The unthinkable happened when the unsinkable sank. The luxury liner, S.S. Titanic, struck an iceberg ninety-five miles south of Newfoundland. As a consequence, five of its sixteen watertight compartments were wholly ruptured. It took less than three hours for the ship to go down. One thousand five hundred and […]

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Prolonged Speech Guidebook

prolonged speech pack guidebook

CONTENTS OVERVIEW Head and Neck Exercises Yawn-sigh Syllables Technique 40 spm 60 spm 80 spm 100 spm 120 spm 140 spm Conversations Head and neck exercises These are simple, gentle exercises designed to relax the muscles around the head and neck area. It’s helpful to begin your sessions with these calm, warm-up exercises. Head and […]

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Head and Neck Exercises (PSP)

prolonged speech pack head and neck exercises

Note These exercises are to be performed gently. If you experience any pain when carrying out these exercises, stop immediately and consult your speech-language pathologist or physician. General instructions Make sure that you are standing or sitting in a relaxed, mid-line posture, i.e. sitting with the spine straight and not leaning to one side or […]

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Instructions Take in an easy, relaxed breath through your mouth while yawning gently. [This is an easy, relaxed yawn – the sort you might do if you were listening to someone and you started to yawn but didn’t want the other person to see you were yawning. Gentle yawning relaxes the whole of the back […]

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Prolonged Speech Technique

prolonged speech technique

Overview To begin with, this technique will sound very artificial. You will need to begin speaking extremely slowly, at around 40 syllables per minute. You will gradually quicken this over the weeks, aiming for the speed of most speakers who are fluent, which is typically between 120-150 syllables per minute. How to do prolonged speech […]

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