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Graham Williamson

Dr Graham Williamson BSc BA MSc MEd PhD DMS retired as a Consultant Speech-LanguageĀ Pathologist in 2015, having worked in the UK National Health Service, commercial sector and independent practice. He has worked extensively with people with learning disabilities and those with voice difficulties.

He originally studied speech-language pathology at City of Birmingham Polytechnic (UK), gaining a BSc in Speech and Language Pathology & Therapeutics in 1985. Subsequently, he gained an MSc in Research Methods (1990) and an MEd in Communication & Literacy (2004) from the Open University. He undertook his doctoral studies (1995) at University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) under the supervision of Prof. Lesley Milroy, utilizing conversation analysis to investigate the talk of adults with learning difficulties.

Graham was the winner of the Northern Regional Health Authority Sir William Lee Research Prize in 1992 for his study entitled An Ethnography of Communication in an Adult Training Centre. In 2003 he was a winner of the Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation, having written a software program that assists in the perceptual assessment of voice difficulties in both adults and children, entitled Clinical Voice Evaluation (CVE2).

He edited Communication Issues, an online journal publishing occasional papers on human communication issues from 2003-2006. From 1990-2009 he was a Regional Tutor within the School of Education, University of Birmingham (UK) for the post-graduate Distance Education Course in Speech and Language Difficulties.

His interest is the promotion of the understanding of human communication among non-specialists.

Graham lives in the north-east of England with his wife Margaret in the Breamish Valley, Northumberland.


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