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Prolonged Speech Pack (Overview)

A THERAPY RESOURCE to assist with the teaching and learning of Prolonged Speech to reduce stuttering. Includes a guidebook, printable worksheets and audio files.

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Speech development, speech disorders, phonetics, phonology, articulation, speech perception...and much more!


Language development, acquisition, verbal language, syntxx, morphology, pragmatics...and more!


The communication chain, conversation, body language, communication disorders...etc...etc


Voice development, voice disorders, voice care for adults and children, how to improve vocal habits, voice assessment and measurement...and so much more!


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Social Use of Speech and Language (in plain English)

social use of speech and language in plain english header

What is social use of speech and language? This is about how we use speech and language differently in different situations. It is about knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it. It is also about following rules of talking together. 1. Knowing what to say This is about using […]

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Taking Time to Talk

taking time to talk header

Stuttering? Four year old Eshan comes running into the house and excitedly tells his mother, “Mum, I want to…I want to…I want to play on my bike!” Gently his mother tells him that he can play but he must stay in the garden. “Thank…thank…thank you!” Eshan replies and runs outside to the shed to get […]

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Modularity of Cognitive Processes

modularity of cognitive processes header

Modularity and connectionism Cognitive psychology has a long history of invoking the concept of modularity to explain various mental functions. In sum, this concept assumes that the separate components of a modular system are autonomous, i.e. they will remain “functionally intact when other components of the same system become corrupted” (Parkin 1996:4). There are several […]

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Human Communication 101 is a series of introductory texts providing high quality information on selected aspects of human communication, with particular emphasis on speech, language and communication needs.

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Focus on Stuttering

The Causes of Stuttering

The causes of stuttering are unknown but neurological development, parental reaction, trauma and a predisposition to stuttering have all been suggested.