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Prolonged Speech Pack (Overview)

A THERAPY RESOURCE to assist with the teaching and learning of Prolonged Speech to reduce stuttering. Includes a guidebook, printable worksheets and audio files.

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Speech Therapy for Stuttering

speech therapy for stuttering header

Speech therapy for stuttering has many options. Which fluency therapy to use depends on the presenting features of the person’s stutter. Assistance and advice on how to stop stuttering is available for any degree of stuttering, no matter what the person’s age. Options reviewed include Syllable Timed Speech, fluency shaping, psychological approach and counseling. People who stutter should always be assessed by a speech therapist.

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Prolonged Speech Guidebook

prolonged speech pack guidebook

CONTENTS Head and Neck Exercises Yawn-sigh Syllables Technique 40 spm 60 spm 80 spm 100 spm 120 spm 140 spm Conversations Head and neck exercises These are simple, gentle exercises designed to relax the muscles around the head and neck area. It’s helpful to begin your sessions with these calm, warm-up exercises. Head and Neck […]

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Velar Fronting

2B Velar Fronting

Consider the word cup /kʌp/. This word begins with the velar plosive /k/ followed by the vowel /ʌ/ and finally by the bilabial plosive /p/. Rather than producing the velar consonant /k/ – at the back of the mouth – the child may produce a sound at the front of the mouth, such as the alveolar /t/ to yield […]

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Human Communication 101 is a series of introductory texts providing high quality information on selected aspects of human communication, with particular emphasis on speech, language and communication needs.

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Focus on Stuttering

The Causes of Stuttering

The causes of stuttering are unknown but neurological development, parental reaction, trauma and a predisposition to stuttering have all been suggested.