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Speech development, speech disorders, phonetics, phonology, articulation, speech perception...and much more!

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Language development, acquisition, verbal language, syntax, morphology, pragmatics...and more!

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The communication chain, conversation, body language, communication disorders...etc...etc

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Stuttering Problems

There are many stuttering problems for people who stutter. People with an established stutter are aware of the negative effect of repetitions, prolongations, hesitations and blocks on their speech. Their stutter (stammer) may be accompanied by facial tics and uncontrolled body movements. Stuttering can lead to the avoidance of certain activities and to social isolation.

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Voice Assessment

In order to carry out robust assessments of the human voice that are useful for diagnosing potential voice…

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Listening Games for Children with Speech Difficulties

Sixteen suggested listening games for children with speech difficulties. Developing good listening skills and attention control are essential for the further development of speech sounds. The games outlined here are a relatively easy and relaxed way to help young children develop the underpinning skills necessary for speech sound development.

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S/Z Ratio Below 1.0

What does an S/Z ratio below 1.0 mean? Research indicates that this may be “normative” in some situations, as there is considerable overlap in the s/z ratios of those with and without laryngeal pathology.

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Specialist Speech and Language Therapist Job

Specialist speech and language therapists (speech-language pathologists) have additional expert training to work with a particular age group, impairment or communication disorder. They undertake special post-graduate training.

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Speech and Language Therapy Training

A speech and language therapy career requires qualification as a speech and language therapist (speech-language pathologist) by studying an approved speech and language therapy education course. A wide range of subjects are studied, including linguistics, phonetics, anatomy and psychology. Students and speech and language therapists must demonstrate good interpersonal skills and a commitment to life-long learning.

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What is a Speech and Language Therapist?

A speech and language therapist (speech-language pathologist) assesses, diagnoses and provides therapeutic interventions for people of all ages who are experiencing speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulties.

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