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Voice Development

voice development header

Development of the voice As with language development and speech development, development of the voice also follows a fairly predictable pattern. First cries There is a remarkable similarity in the quality of babies’ first cries. The pitch is about the note A above middle C on the piano. Young infants are able to scream at […]

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Research Tools Used in Social Science

research tools used in social science header

ABSTRACT Speech therapy, as a social science, uses several research tools that are common to the social sciences in general. It is convenient to identify the main research styles as experiments, surveys and ethnography. This article expands these categories and includes a discussion of standardized tests, observations, and meaning and language-based methods. The article concludes with […]

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Equity in Play

equity in play header

Differences? The research findings of Farver and Shin (1997) suggested that there are discernible differences between Korean-American and Anglo-American children’s pretend play themes. Korean-American play themes seemed to involve minimal social conflict, while Anglo-American children’s play themes seemed to involve an emphasis on the individual and could include a degree of aggression. Farver and Shin […]

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Human Communication 101 is a series of introductory texts providing high quality information on selected aspects of human communication, with particular emphasis on speech, language and communication needs.

The Causes of Stuttering

The causes of stuttering are unknown but neurological development, parental reaction, trauma and a predisposition to stuttering have all been suggested.